Teen Suicide on Internet a Tragedy for All

A few hours ago the Associated Press reported that a teen had committed suicide while many watched his dying process on a webcam for hours without intervening.  What a tragedy for the teen’s family, and what a tragedy for us all.  I will keep this teen’s family in my prayers.  Their road ahead will be agonizingly difficult and painful.
It’s a tragedy for all of us when one teen (or adult) is overcome by their illness and seeks the only relief they can see for the moment – suicide.   It’s a tragedy because it means we are not doing near enough to help them and many others through these intense medical illnesses like depression and bipolar disorder.
It’s also a tragedy for all of us when any life ends and the expected compassion, empathy, and call to action to attempt to prevent the death is displaced by laissez-faire curiosity and laughter (as reported by the Associated Press in the case of this webcam suicide).  This event speaks to a need for more than just education about mental illness in our country today.  This tragedy reminds us of our need to reconsider what we value today.  Internet voyeurism of this type seems eerily similar to coliseums full of crowds watching martyrs go to their deaths.  I pray that we will once more be shaken so ask ourselves whether we truly value the gift of life enough to devote ourselves to the nurturing of that precious gift in one another.

A Relentless Hope:Surviving the Storm of Teen Depression

Gary E. Nelson



~ by revgenelson on November 22, 2008.

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