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IMG_7911 by you.

“My soul will feast and be satisfied, and I will sing glad songs of praise to you.”

Lately I’ve been learning a lot from butterflies.  Last year as I began to take more photographs I found myself chasing a lot of butterflies.  I must have looked pretty crazy trying to keep up with the magnificent creatures as they flitted erratically from blossom to blossom.  Finally, after observing them long enough and being frustrated with a lot of blurred shots of butterflies on the move, I got the lesson they were trying to convey (sort of like a “duh” moment as the teens would say).  I learned that if I wanted a good butterfly photo I had to wait for one of the critters to find just the right flower.  When they found it they would cling to the blossom, unfurl their tongue, and drink deeply of the nectar – posing for several moments and allowing me to take several decent photos.  When the butterfly finds the nectar it needs, the critter stops its furious flittering and drinks deeply until it is satisfied.

Finding God, or rather accepting the love of God that finds us, is only the first step of the journey.  I see too many folks today “accepting the Lord” and then flittering away.  They don’t give themselves the opportunity to stay connected and grow in their awareness of God’s love, and be transformed by God’s love so they can truly share God’s love with others.  Instead, they have a more momentary encounter with God and then return to the same life as before,  filled with endless distractions and fruitless searches for fulfillment.  If we want our souls to be satisfied like the psalmist, we must stop our own frenzied flittering and drink deeply from the water of life that only God can offer.

As we continue along our way, we must continue to make the time to cling to God, to drink from the well of God’s presence, and feel satisfied by the peace that comes from taking God in more and more along the way.  There’s no shortcut to this satisfaction.  We have to spend more time focusing on God each day in whatever way is meaningful for each of us.  I want my soul to be satisfied, so I pray that God will help me when I succumb to fruitless, frenzied, flittering.  How about you?

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor, Sand Hill United Methodist Church
Boaz, West Virginia

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~ by revgenelson on May 19, 2010.

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