The Power of the Small

“. . . numberless . . .”
“Though Abraham was practically dead, from this one man came as many descendants as there are stars in the sky, as many as the numberless grains of sand on the seashore.” (Hebrews 11:12)

I decided a more abstract photo was needed this week to help portray the unsettling effects of the water crisis we’ve been experiencing.  What you’re viewing is the free water give-away station at our local fire station.  Some of the adults, youth, and boy scouts from our church volunteered to give out water Monday during a rainy four- hour shift.

Three parts of the polluting chemical in one million parts of water is all it took to shut down the entire water distribution system.  Put another way that means that only .00003% of the water was the offensive chemical.  An almost infinitesimal amount of the pollutant brought parts of nine counties to its knees.  Like most situations of this nature it brought out the best and the worst in us.  We’ve seen acts of compassion and generosity as well as selfishness and violence.  When I called the shut-ins from our church every one of them I was able to speak with told me they were being cared for by family, neighbors, and friends.  Unfortunately the sheriff’s deputies posted at the firehouse with us for the water give-away also told us they were there because there had been fights over water.

In the book of Hebrews from the New Testament the writer reminds us that God took a “practically dead” senior citizen and used him as the founding ancestor of a nation too numerous to count.  It was testimony of God’s ability to multiply practically nothing into something amazing.  It only took three parts of a pollutant in one million parts to cripple nine counties.  So, since we know that small things can have such power, what’s the power of one selfless act of love in an ocean of selfishness, greed, and hatred? 

In the gift of Christ’s love for us God answered my question.  In Christ we’ve seen the power of one selfless act of love to bring change and hope.  I truly believe that God is waiting for us to offer our selfless acts of love so that God can multiply them into something absolutely amazing.  I am inclined to believe that we are not doomed to live out the worst in us.  I believe that God can use small acts of love to make big changes.  I pray that God will help me offer my daily gifts of loving acts so they can be multiplied and help us live out the best in us.  How about you?

Blessings and Peace,
Pastor, Cross Lanes United Methodist Church
Cross Lanes, West Virginia

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~ by revgenelson on January 15, 2014.

One Response to “The Power of the Small”

  1. Thanks for sharing this thought on the power of the small. I, also, hope this event will help folks realize the precious nature of our water supplies.

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