Part of a Miracle

“. . . miracles and wonders . . .”


“Many miracles and wonders were being done through the apostles, and everyone was filled with awe.” (Acts 2:42-44)

Well, I finally met the little lady that kicked me out of using my newspaper box.  Shortly after I showed you the completed nest in Wednesday Wonderings a few weeks ago, she made a brief appearance on the edge of the box, then flew away.  The next day I checked the box and found she’d been very busy.  As best I could see, there were two eggs in the nest.



For the next few days she and I played a game of cat and mouse.  When I approached the mailbox twice a day to get the newspaper and mail, she would quickly fly away.  Then something changed.  One day I noticed she didn’t fly away so I looked inside the newspaper box expecting to see only the eggs.  Instead, I saw her peering out at me.  I had a brief conversation with her and walked away. 



For the next several days we repeated the ritual.  She would patiently stare out at me as I collected the mail and offered soothing words of encouragement to the expecting mother.  Finally, her nurturing patience paid off and . . .



Some may think it silly that I’ve been having a relationship with a mother bird for the past few weeks.  After all, millions and millions of birds have been building nests and hatching their young at the same time this little lady has been working in my newspaper box.  However, this is different.  Somehow this nest is special because it has intruded into my life and served as a reminder that we are privileged to be part of God’s miraculous work of creation.  All I did was offer my newspaper box, but somehow offering that home for the nest drew me once more into one of God’s miracles.  I’ve been blessed by the presence of this mother and her babies.  Life has emerged from where there was nothing but empty space.  It reminds me that there is hope to be found in God’s creative, loving Spirit.


The writer of Acts celebrates that, “Many miracles and wonders were being done through the apostles . . . ,” as early Christians were gathering in congregations.  God’s amazing grace revealed in Jesus prompted the disciples to offer themselves, and God’s Holy Spirit worked the miracle of life through them.  I think it’s important that we carefully watch for the ways God is waiting to use us for miraculous, life-giving, and life-altering acts.  This simple little bird feels to me like a messenger from God that was sent as a reminder to me.  As you’ll recall, it took two times to get my attention (I emptied the beginnings of the bird’s first nest when I retrieved my newspaper); however, when I finally got the message and offered my newspaper box, I got to be part of one of God’s miracles.  Trust me, it’s not silly.  It’s a real spiritual meeting between my spirit and God’s Spirit.


I pray that I will pay attention to God’s calling in such a way that I can offer what God wants to use to bring the healing, life-altering love of Christ to others.  How about you?


Blessings and Peace,


Pastor, Cross Lanes United Methodist Church

Cross Lanes, West Virginia


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