“. . . decorative flowers . . .”


“He made the lampstand of pure gold. He made its base and its shaft of hammered gold; its decorative flowers, including buds and petals, formed one piece with it.”  (Exodus 37:16-18)


Arriving home from our travels this week we were greeted by a new carpet of flowers growing just off the interstate ramp in our town.  What a magnificent sight!  Even after several attempts, I don’t think any of the photos I took truly do justice to God’s beautiful display.  Flowers might well be the things that help remind us of God’s beauty and majesty more than almost anything else.  Look around you right now as you’re reading this.  I’ll bet there’s a good chance that you can see a real flower or an image of a flower in a work of art, wallpaper, etc.  Even when the accessories for worshiping God in the early tabernacle described in Exodus were made, God’s instructions for their design included flowers.  


It seems to me that having flowers around is one way to point us toward the beauty, majesty, and transcendence of God.  We can dismantle a flower but we can’t reassemble it.  We can create an image of a flower, but we can’t make a flower.  Flowers help remind us that we are part of something much bigger than ourselves, something of great beauty and wonder.  Flowers remind us of God’s love in which we are created and sustained.  Flowers not only brighten us, they also keep us on our toes because their fragility and short lives point us toward our own vulnerability.  Flowers help remind us we need our connection with God’s love revealed for us in Jesus. 


All this gets me wondering about what we keep around us besides flowers, and what they remind us of or point us toward.  Take another look at your surroundings as you’re reading this, or think about your home or other places where you spend a great amount of your time.  What signs, art, objects, etc. are on display and where do they point you?   Just something to wonder — since it’s still Wednesday . . .  I pray that God will help me surround myself with images, thoughts, and stuff that will make me want to say, “Thank you, God.”  How about you?

Blessings and Peace,


Pastor, Cross Lanes United Methodist Church

Cross Lanes, West Virginia



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~ by revgenelson on June 18, 2014.

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