” . . . how . . . “

“But can you, O God, really live on earth among men and women? Not even all of heaven is large enough to hold you, so how can this Temple that I have built be large enough?” (II Chronicles 6:18)

When I saw this creature about a month ago I knew that I had to have my picture made with him.  To me he just seems to be saying, “Hmmm ?”  That’s how I feel I live a lot of my life, just sort of “Hmmming” – observing, wondering and discerning.  Frankly, I rather enjoy it.  The process keeps me on my toes and helps me look for the next new thing that God might be showing me, saying to me, wondering with me, etc.  “How . . . ” is a very important word because often times it functions like a doorknob to help us open the door to the newest revelation that God might have for us.

Does that startle you for me to talk about new revelations?  As I listen in our world today it sometimes startles me because I hear folks talking in ways that suggest they believe God has no new ways for us to experience, understand, or make sense of our world and situations.  When did folks decide that God quit offering new revelations?  It seems to me that if we reach the point that we’re convinced we know all God’s answers then we’ve quit listening to God and become our own god.  

I love this passage from II Chronicles because it speaks to new thing that God was doing in Solomon’s day.  After Solomon succeeded his father, David, as king he continued to follow in all the ways of the Lord he’d been taught.  Then God led him to build the great Temple.  The passage above is from Solomon’s prayer of dedication for the Temple.  If I might paraphrase, basically Solomon is saying, “O Lord, how in the world are you going to do this?  I’ve known you to rule from heaven, I know you’re greater than heaven and earth combined, but how in the world are you going to do this new thing and hang out with us in this itty-bitty Temple?”  Solomon didn’t say it was impossible that God might be doing something new.  He didn’t scorn others for believing God might be doing something new.  Solomon simply asked, “How?” and then waited, listened, learned, and followed.  I’m taking my cues from Solomon – asking, waiting, listening, learning, and following.  I pray that God will keep me faithful to the process.  How about you?

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Cross Lanes, West Virginia

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