A Memorial Stone

” . . . a memorial stone . . . “

“There, where God had spoken to him, Jacob set up a memorial stone and consecrated it by pouring wine and olive oil on it.”  (Genesis 35:14)

Last Wednesday I was invited to speak at a Veteran’s Day ceremony so I gathered at a Veteran’s Memorial with others to remember.  Next week we’ll gather at various memorials with family and friends to remember.  About a month ago Patti and I visited the memorial pictured above.  That might not be a familiar photo but the one below certainly should be recognizable to many of you.

The St. Louis, Gateway Arch, is a memorial to help us remember.  (By the way, you ride to the top in what many have called tiny, front-loading “washing machines.” The tub adjusts as it moves along the angle of the arch.  I kept waiting for it to kick into spin cycle.)

Memorials help us remember, but as I told them at the Veteran’s Day gathering, remembering is more than conjuring up memories.  To re-member is to reconnect, which is critical for all of us, especially for those who have been part of the suffering and painful events we remember.  It is critical today that our veterans we remember be made to feel they are not alone in the difficulties they might experience in their return from fields of battle.  It is critical that those who suffer from tragedies and various crises in our communities know that as they and we remember, they are not alone.

In a strange sort of way, our Thanksgiving banquet tables, heavily laden with tradition-marinated foods, and surrounded by treasured loved ones, are also memorials.  They help re-connect us with our God who blesses us with our daily bread and eternal hope, and also help re-connect us with those who no longer sit beside us at the table.  We are not alone.  Thanks be to God!  I pray that God will continue to help me build memorials of all sorts, so all might know they’re not alone.  How about you?

Blessings and Peace,


Pastor, Cross Lanes United Methodist Church

Cross Lanes, West Virginia

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