Shouting Stones

” . . . stones . . . will start shouting . . . “

“When he came near Jerusalem, at the place where the road went down the Mount of Olives, the large crowd of his disciples began to thank God and praise him in loud voices for all the great things that they had seen:  ‘God bless the king who comes in the name of the Lord! Peace in heaven and glory to God!’  Then some of the Pharisees in the crowd spoke to Jesus. ‘Teacher,’ they said, ‘command your disciples to be quiet!’  Jesus answered, ‘I tell you that if they keep quiet, the stones themselves will start shouting.’” (Luke 19:37-40)

Okay, I’ve heard of “Rolling Stones,” but not “shouting stones.”  When I read this verse from the story of Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem, I couldn’t help but wonder what shouting stones might look like.  Then I remembered these stones from the shoreline around Pemaquid Lighthouse in Maine.  Standing near the water’s edge, the stones look as though they are reaching up to celebrate the lighthouse that adorns the crest of the hill.  Maybe their celebrating or shouting about the importance of the little light that for so many years has brought comfort, guidance, and protection for so many who braved the treacherous seas near its perch.

The people who were greeting Jesus that day in Jerusalem saw in him something they desperately needed – hope!  When hope arrives to the stressed and depressed it should be greeted with enthusiastic praise and thanksgiving.  That’s how great the difference is between despair and hope.  If you’re stuck in a situation where no hope seems possible and suddenly hope is presented, every fiber of your being let’s go with a vocal or silent, “Yahooooooooooo!”

Our world today is filled with lots of shouting.  Sometimes it seems to me the loudest shouts I hear are ones of anger,distrust, and hatred.  Why can’t I hear Jesus’ stones shouting?  Why can’t I hear Christians shouting words of thanksgiving, joy, and hope because the Prince of Peace, Jesus, has ridden into our lives?  Why do I hear people who call themselves Christians hurling insults along with cries of hatred and judgment?  Where are the stones crying out for peace and hope?  Where are the Christians who know God’s hope shouting words of peace-filled hope?

Maybe we should start some new groups called, “The Shouting Stones.”  Our first song to perform could be, “There’s Hope in God’s Peace.”  I guess we’ll have to play it pretty loud so it can be heard over the din of destructive voices threatening hate and destruction.  That’s okay if we sing it loud.  I’m a drummer, and we drummers like it loud.  Remember, Psalm 150 says to praise the Lord with “loud clashing cymbals.”  I want to be one of Jesus’ Shouting Stones.  Want to be in the group?  I pray that God will give direction and courage to this shouting stone.  How about you?

Blessings and Peace,


Pastor, Cross Lanes United Methodist Church

Cross Lanes, West Virginia

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  1. Provocative and thoughtful!

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